Friday, March 17, 2017

Packing for a 6 month old to Whidbey Island

Good afternoon!
     We got back from Whidbey Island three days ago.  We are at home rested and having to organize  our belongings.  In the past when I've traveled it hasn't taken so long to get my things together and organized.  Now that there's three of us, it takes a bit longer.  Cleaning up from previous messes in addition to cleaning up the new ones.
     Before packing my son's bag, I did research on what to bring for a 6 month old baby.  I compiled the lists that I found and packed some unnecessary things.  Basically I packed him 2 bags, just in case our check in bag got lost, Sterling would still have his needs.   Some of the items I wouldn't bring again.  Our son is pretty low key and doesn't need a lot of stimulation to keep calm (so grateful for that.)   So, here is what I needed for one week's worth of travel.

*Check in bag:                          
3 pants
1 jacket
2 shirts
2 long onsies
6 short onsies
2 cotton hats
3 socks 
5 bibs
1 muslin blanket
1 cotton blanket
1 fleece blanket
6 diapers 
2 books
1 bowl/spoon
booger sucker
nail clippers
2 fleece hats

*Carryon Diaper bag
8 diapers
1 pack wipes
3 grocery bags (for diapers)
2 cotton blankets
2 small books
2 favorite toys
2 heavy onesies
1 muslin blanket
1 towel
3 short onesies 

     I am very glad that I knew that I was prepared in the case of losing a bag but when I packed it all to get home, it seemed excessive.  I didn't use most of it.   The grandparents have a washer/dryer, which we definitely used.  It was our first time traveling with him on a plane, catching a ferry and then a 10 minute car ride. We were traveling for about 8 hours total.  My revised list would look like this. 

*Check in*
1 pant
1 jacket
1 shirt
3 short onesies
1 fleece hat
3 warm onesies
3 bibs 
1 muslin blanket
1 fleece blanket
2 spit towels
6 diapers
1 spoon
booger sucker
nail clippers

8 diapers
1 pack wipes
1 grocery bag
1 fleece blanket
1 toy
3 short onesies

     Looks a lot simpler, doesn't it?  Now, next trip we travel he'll be older and may need all that I had brought.  That will be a task when we get there.  
     Washington is a beautiful state.  I love the flora fauna that exists there.  Unfortunately we did not see whales or porpoises.  Though, we saw an otter and several species of birds.  The farms and their shoppes are abundant.  One in particular that is not far from where we were is the 3 Sisters Farm, began in 1910.  Lavender Wind is another shoppe that I fell in love with.  It smells delicious and has many beautiful items, like the tea towels.  I bought some blackberry & lavender jam that I am ecstatic about eating.  The town we stayed lacked large box stores.  Though, 15 minutes down the road is where one gets that experience.  
     On this trip I found that I had been lost for the past couple of months.  We needed a vacation.  I needed a vacation.  At some point negativity had found its way to become my veil.  Seeing the love of my life in a renewed light cleared away that poisonous thinking.  It happens to all of us, I think.  Some times we get so enthralled with our routine, what we're doing that we forget about the other person.  I forgot about the positive aspects in Evan; the traits that I love him for.  Relationships are rivers flowing along, constantly changing.  Even when something is not seemingly changing, it is.  
     Well, I've got to get another cup of coffee and update my Etsy store which can be viewed here.  From 3/17-19/2017, you can use coupon code  STPATTYS17  to receive 17% off your purchase.  Find link below to browse the shop!  

Moran Beach kd2017

Coupeville Wharf kd2017

Deception Pass Bridge kd2017

Cascade Loop Trail kd2017

Coupeville kd2017


Sunday, February 26, 2017


Good evening!
     Much has happened in the past week and a half.  Well, DH fixed my laptop.  Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!!  The lip balm that I made needed some alterations made to it.  I will post those updates to that specific post; which can be found here  Last week, on our daily walk we found a northern flicker tail feather.  It's very pretty-dark orange and brown/black.
     It has snowed the past two days, so we've been getting mostly nothing done.  The preceding days were very warm, full of sunshine and happiness, and we took full advantage of it.  I've begun packing for little one.  A lot of the websites that I researched for infant traveling suggestions were mediocrely explained.  After I have finished baby packing, I will give numbers of the items I packed.  In nine days we will be headed to Washington state.  Whoa!
     Myself and LO went to our first story time at the library.  The stories and songs were about monkeys.  He is a little young to have fun with the songs, but next time we will go to the baby story time, where there's more bouncing and clapping.  We also went to the Littleton Museum.  He was asleep most of the time, but we enjoyed ourselves, nonetheless.  I picked up a book for a dollar.  Most of the town became popular in 1820's and continued to flourish.  They have a schoolhouse from the 1890's that we will visit next time.  It was really fantastic and I'll be happy to go again!
     I've come to an almost depressive state.  We'll see what happens, as we stay tuned! :0

Take care.  Goodnight.


Monday, February 13, 2017

My First (Finished) Lip Balm: Edit

Good day!
     Today has been a dreary day.  Waking up was a fuss, the weather is a fuss, the baby was a fuss; just all of it.  We're working on planning the trip to Washington state.  Last night I prepared six batches of biscuits, the dry ingredients mixed together and stashed away for later use.  I don't know if it's ever been done...finishing a chapstick all the way to the end.  I am notorious for losing my chapstick, multiple times in a day, even.  So, instead of spending approximately $5 on a new stick, I have kept the stick and made my own.
1 cup coconut oil
1 Tbsp. vitamin e oil
5 drops of essential oil
 (I used a mixture that I've had for a while that includes rosemary, peppermint and lavender)
Container to use immediately
Container to store extra (glass)
1 ounce beeswax
  • Get a pot, fill with water, 
  • Get a saucepan (an old one if you prefer not to use for cooking afterward)
  • Set saucepan on top (use safety precautions while doing so)
  • Set on low-medium heat, add coconut oil
  • Add other oils, beeswax and mix together
  • Let sit to cool but not to solidify 
  • Pour into container of choice for immediate use
  • Pour rest into a preferable glass container to store the rest of it in


 Let me know what oils you love best!  Leave your comment, subscribe and share.  
Take care!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Taking Charge

Good evening!
     We've been super busy these past couple of days.  Cooking, working on projects and keeping house.  Also, in all of the active work I've been doing, social media has taken a second place to my life.  Evan and I are working on a super cool project together, so stay tuned for the announcement.  Baby's room has been rearranged.  "Entropy Academy" by Alison Bernhoft is almost complete.  It's about homeschooling.  There is some crazy business with my Gramma, so we need to be as supportive as possible.  We are planning a trip to Washington.  Evan cut some blocks for Bebe and I sanded and painted them. I'll post the progress photos.  Bebe's teeth are coming in!  I'll keep you more updated.
     Take care!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Free Day at the Museum

Good day!
     A couple of weeks ago the doctor gave me antibiotics.  After finishing them, I developed a rash.  The itch was more intense when I laid down, but I applied coconut oil/tea tree oil lotion that I use; which eased it some.  For that rash I decided to concoct something for my bath.

  •      1/2 cup epsom salt
  •      1/2 cup baking soda
  •      10 drops lavender
     Drop directly into running water, so that it dissolves fully.  That mixture is meant to be used once a week.  Baking soda helps to balance the pH levels of the body.  I suggest taking a short shower, just to rinse off afterward.  This next mixture can be used more frequently.  It was my first time grinding my own oats for this purpose, but next time I will put it into a cloth bag and let it hang from the faucet.

  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 10 drops lavender